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NFT for Ukraine

Help us raise $100,000 through NFTs so we can donate them to Ukrainian Army
and help it defend freedom.

Please sustain with us the Ukrainian Army,

with a donation of the 100% of the founds raised through the selling of our NFTs (their eventual royalties included).

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What is "NFT for Ukraine"

NFT for Ukraine is a collection of 1000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) of the artwork "Stop the Invasion", designed by the Italian Design Studio "Vatican Media". 

"Stop the Invasion" represents the scream of horror coming from Ukraine, the ongoing bloodbath that is bleeding the golden fields of the country, and the flag of who wants this conflict to end right now.

Owning a Flag will allow you to enter a community of world peace and human rights activists, and to show the metaverse your side and your hopes for the end of the greatest war in Europe, since WWII.

Vatican Media's team

We are a Communication Studio based in Milan and Hamburg. 

We want to fight through the means we have: our design, our brain, our heart.

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Daniel Salvi

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Co-Founder, Head of the Design Department, Creative Director of NFTforUkraine.

He designed for Red Cross and his Posters are part of international design exhibitions on the theme of Peace and Coexistence.

Guest Lecturer in the most famous italian universities.

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Federico Lazzerini

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Co-Founder, Head of the Marketing Department.

Well-known Italian Marketing and Communication Consultant, author of a book with Mondadori, the main italian Publishing House.


Luca Rivieri

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Art Director and Designer of NFTforUkraine.

One of the most talented young brand designers in Italy.

He works also as an architect and editorial designer.

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Angelo Stimoli

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Intern Art Director Junior, Designer of NFTforUkraine.

Editorial and multimedia designer.

His aim is to use visual communication to convey social ideas and contents.

Screenshot this NFT, please.

"Stop the invasion" was designed to be the flag and the symbol of all the people who want to spread the awareness of the brutality of this conflict as the bloodiest invasion of the last decades.

Use it, Print it, Post it, Wear it.

This is your flag, if you want it.

Stop the Invasion.

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© 2022 Vatican Media. All Rights Reserved.

© 2022 Daniel Salvi. All Rights Reserved.

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