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Raíces Tango is the title of the brilliant show created by Miguel Ángel Zotto, world star of tango.

The show combines the tradition of the most sensual dance with the power of the gauchos and South American Indians.

Daniel Salvi conceived and developed a branding and advertising campaign for the show; the coordinated identity designed has upholstered from Buenos Aires to Milan, from Rome to Athens; the cast of “Raíces Tango” has also appeared on major Italian TVs.


The features of the logo, calligraphic and scratched, are inspired by the dance steps of the dancers of Raíces; it is not the trademark of the usual tango show: indigo, the central color of the identity, refers to the passion of the Buenos Aires nights and to the electric force of Indians and gauchos, from which tango is born.



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I Doni di Gea

I doni di Gea, an eco-bio and cruelty-free boutique, is a brand that communicats an ideal of perfect harmony and respect between man and nature. Opened in Cecina (LI), it’s a young company that we had the pleasure of launching with an advertising and social campaign.

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